QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper

I just completed the QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper online training. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer. As a Licensed Professional Counselor I had extensive training in suicide assessment and evaluation. The QPR training is not intended to replace professional expertise or training. The methods and training used in QPR are intended for the untrained professional or lay person.

QPR CertificateI believe QPR is a great low-cost program for anyone but particularly those in higher education including but not limited to faculty, Student Affairs, Academic Advising, Disability Services, Behavioral Intervention Teams, Public Safety, Title IX, and Veterans Services. I believe requiring all employees in Student Services would be an excellent idea as a suicidal student doesn’t always start the conversation of suicidal ideation with a trained Licensed Professional Counselor. Typically, these conversations begin in the office of someone other than a Licensed Professional Counselor, such as Disability Services or Academic Advising. That person then needs assistance with how to help the student get connected to appropriate resources and services. I believe QPR is a good resource that meets this need.

Everyone can have an impact on bringing hope to those that feel hopeless, helpless, and unsure where to turn. For $30 (actually it’s $29.95) you can learn how to apply the Question, Persuade, and Refer techniques to understand a person’s experience and connect them to professional services or next steps. The training is online and can be completed in only 60-minutes but could have significant impacts on those working directly with college students.

Learn more at qprinstitute.com.

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