Flint Water

I live in Genesee County and work in Flint, Michigan at Mott Community College. For the past several years Flint residents have complained about the quality of water after the switch to using the Flint River as the water source. This has effected the community greatly and gained national attention. There are 9+ pages of coverage on MichiganRadio.Org. The Flint Community even saw Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton visiting last weekend to discuss the public health crisis. Now that this crisis has gained the exposure of political candidates, a Democratic Debate will be held in Flint, Michigan on March 6 and be internationally televised on CNN.

Everyone has an opinion or wants someone to blame but the result is unchanged. The Flint Community needs support now and on-going support for those effected including young children. If you are able, please consider supporting the programs and services that are already in place.

The Flint Community has again demonstrated what it means to be Flint Tough and Flint Proud. People helping people across all areas of race, age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. When your brother needs help, do you take the time and offer a hand, or do you go about your everyday life as nothing has happened?

You can help by donating money, your time, or cases of water.

GIVE NOW: Flint Water Fund.

Maintaining Health & Wellness in the Midst of a Crisis.

How can higher education professionals talk about this with students? Is there a conversation that should be happening within the walls of post-secondary education? Is this a missed opportunity for engaging students in a bigger way as life-long learners?

How should Academic Advisors, Counselors, Student Life Coordinators, and other Student Affairs professionals approach a public health crisis that is happening within their community? Have you experienced a crisis that effected students and the community at large? Leave a comment or Tweet me @jeffreysimms.

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