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After reading Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director’s December 2015 blog in Academic Advising Today I have a few thoughts…

  • It’s been two-years since I attended the annual conference, I need to go in 2016! In 2014 I presented best practices for working with Student Veterans and had a blast. It would be great to attend sessions in 2016 and have no worry about presenting, so I think I’ll plan to make it happen. The 2016 annual conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia October 5-8. Are you going to attend?
  • A new book was released at the 2015 annual conference called The New Advisor Guidebook and it sounds like a great resource for new and seasoned Advising professionals. Below is a brief description…

The first and final chapters of the book identify the knowledge and skills advisors must master. These chapters present frameworks for setting and benchmarking self-development goals and for creating self-development plans. Each of the chapters in between focuses on foundational content: the basic terms, concepts, information, and skills advisors must learn in their first year and upon which they will build over the lengths of their careers. These chapters include strategies, questions, guidelines, examples, and case studies that give advisors the tools to apply this content in their work with students, from demonstrations of how student development theories might play out in advising sessions to questions advisors can ask to become aware of their biases and avoid making assumptions about students to a checklist for improving listening, interviewing, and referral skills. The book covers various ways in which advising is delivered: one-to-one, in groups, and online.

  • A new book will be published in 2017 called Beyond Foundations: Becoming a Master Academic Advisor. This sounds like for anyone who has been in Advising and wants to continue building and developing their professional skills. 2017 is a long time… I’ll wait and continue to read other relevant books like The Upside of Stress, Mindset the new Psychology of Success, Harm to Others : The Assessment and Treatment of Dangerousness, and Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body.
  • Lastly, two past presidents of NACADA will be overseeing a committee to update and revise the Core Values of Academic Advising. This is great! I hope to see revisions that closely align with where the profession is now – the age of technology, student responsibility, social justice, and other cultural implications.
  • Charlie said, “It is my hope that our association never changes our desire for our members to become published in the field and offers positive support at each level.” Maybe it’s finally time that I dust off my writing skills and challenge myself to write an article for the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources.

Until next time (hopefully it’s not another year)!

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